BanyanDB is up and running on SkyWalking demo

SkyWalking team announced, BanyanDB has replaced Elasticsearch and is up and running on SkyWalking official demo site.

Within 3 years (as of April 2021) of incubation, BanyanDB has progressed beyond the alpha stage and officially become the first-class database option for Apache SkyWalking.

Here is the official statement from the Apache SkyWalking committee about this new option:

This is recommended for medium-scale deployments from version 0.6 to 1.0. BanyanDB is set to be our next-generation storage solution. It has demonstrated significant potential in performance improvement. As of version 0.6.1, it achieves 5x less memory usage, 1/5 disk IOPS, 1/4 disk throughput, and 30% less disk space, albeit with a slightly higher CPU trade-off.

Today, on May 31st, 2024, the SkyWalking demo hosted on our website has officially switched to BanyanDB. Both the native UI and Grafana UI of the site are now reading telemetry data from BanyanDB version 0.6.1.