Release Apache SkyWalking Python 1.0.0

Release Apache SkyWalking Python 1.0.0.

SkyWalking Python 1.0.0 is released! Go to downloads page to find release tars.

PyPI Wheel:

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  • Important Notes and Breaking Changes:

    • The new PVM metrics reported from Python agent requires SkyWalking OAP v9.3.0 to show out-of-the-box.
    • BREAKING: Python 3.6 is no longer supported and may not function properly, Python 3.11 support is added and tested.
    • BREAKING: A number of common configuration options and environment variables are renamed to follow the convention of Java agent, please check with the latest official documentation before upgrading. (#273, #282)
    • BREAKING: All agent core capabilities are now covered by test cases and enabled by default (Trace, Log, PVM runtime metrics, Profiler)
    • BREAKING: DockerHub Python agent images since v1.0.0 will no longer include the run part in ENTRYPOINT ["sw-python", "run"], user should prefix their command with [-d/--debug] run [-p/--prefork] <Command> for extra flexibility.
    • Packaged wheel now provides a extra [all] option to support all three report protocols
  • Feature:

    • Add support for Python 3.11 (#285)
    • Add MeterReportService (gRPC, Kafka reporter) (default:enabled) (#231, #236, #241, #243)
    • Add reporter for PVM runtime metrics (default:enabled) (#238, #247)
    • Add Greenlet profiler (#246)
    • Add test and support for Python Slim base images (#249)
    • Add support for the tags of Virtual Cache for Redis (#263)
    • Add a new configuration kafka_namespace to prefix the kafka topic names (#277)
    • Add log reporter support for loguru (#276)
    • Add experimental support for explicit os.fork(), restarts agent in forked process (#286)
    • Add experimental sw-python CLI sw-python run [-p] flag (-p/–prefork) to enable non-intrusive uWSGI and Gunicorn postfork support (#288)
  • Plugins:

    • Add aioredis, aiormq, amqp, asyncpg, aio-pika, kombu RMQ plugins (#230 Missing test coverage)
    • Add Confluent Kafka plugin (#233 Missing test coverage)
    • Add HBase plugin Python HappyBase model (#266)
    • Add FastAPI plugin websocket protocol support (#269)
    • Add Websockets (client) plugin (#269)
    • Add HTTPX plugin (#283)
  • Fixes:

    • Allow RabbitMQ BlockingChannel.basic_consume() to link with outgoing spans (#224)
    • Fix RabbitMQ basic_get bug (#225, #226)
    • Fix case when tornado socket name is None (#227)
    • Fix misspelled text “PostgreSLQ” -> “PostgreSQL” in Postgres-related plugins (#234)
    • Make sure span.component initialized as Unknown rather than 0 (#242)
    • Ignore websocket connections inside fastapi temporarily (#244, issue#9724)
    • Fix Kafka-python plugin SkyWalking self reporter ignore condition (#249)
    • Add primary endpoint in tracing context and endpoint info to log reporter (#261)
    • Enforce tag class type conversion (#262)
    • Fix sw_logging (log reporter) potentially throw exception leading to traceback confusion (#267)
    • Avoid reporting meaningless tracecontext with logs when there’s no active span, UI will now show empty traceID (#272)
    • Fix exception handler in profile_context (#273)
    • Add namespace suffix to service name (#275)
    • Add periodical instance property report to prevent data loss (#279)
    • Fix sw_logging when Logger.disabled is true (#281)
  • Docs:

    • New documentation on how to test locally (#222)
    • New documentation on the newly added meter reporter feature (#240)
    • New documentation on the newly added greenlet profiler and the original threading profiler (#250)
    • Overhaul documentation on development setup and testing (#249)
    • Add tables to state currently supported features of Python agent. (#271)
    • New configuration documentation generator (#273)
  • Others:

    • Pin CI SkyWalking License Eye (#221)
    • Fix dead link due to the ‘next’ url change (#235)
    • Pin CI SkyWalking Infra-E2E (#251)
    • Sync OAP, SWCTL versions in E2E and fix test cases (#249)
    • Overhaul development flow with Poetry (#249)
    • Fix grpcio-tools generated message type (#253)
    • Switch plugin tests to use slim Python images (#268)
    • Add unit tests to sw_filters (#269)

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