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Apache SkyWalking

Application performance monitor tool for distributed systems, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Kubernetes) architectures.
Agent for Service
Agent for Service
eBPF Profiling
Service Mesh

All-in-one APM solution

  • Distributed Tracing

    End-to-end distributed tracing. Service topology analysis, service-centric observability and APIs dashboards.

  • Agents for your stack

    Java, .Net Core, PHP, NodeJS, Golang, LUA, Rust, C++, Client JavaScript and Python agents with active development and maintenance.

  • eBPF early adoption

    Rover agent works as a monitor and profiler powered by eBPF to monitor Kubernetes deployments and diagnose CPU and network performance.

  • Scaling

    100+ billion telemetry data could be collected and analyzed from one SkyWalking cluster.

  • Mature Telemetry Ecosystems Supported

    Metrics, Traces, and Logs from mature ecosystems are supported, e.g. Zipkin, OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Zabbix, Fluentd

  • Native APM Database

    BanyanDB, an observability database, created in 2022, aims to ingest, analyze and store telemetry/observability data.

  • Consistent Metrics Aggregation

    SkyWalking native meter format and widely known metrics format(OpenCensus, OTLP, Telegraf, Zabbix, e.g.) are processed through the same script pipeline.

  • Log Management Pipeline

    Support log formatting, extract metrics, various sampling policies through script pipeline in high performance.

  • Alerting and Telemetry Pipelines

    Support service-centric, deployment-centric, API-centric alarm rule setting. Support forwarding alarms and all telemetry data to 3rd party.


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