Apache SkyWalking

Application performance monitor tool for distributed systems, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Docker, K8s, Mesos) architectures.

What is SkyWalking

SkyWalking is an Observability Analysis Platform and Application Performance Management system.

Provide distributed tracing, service mesh telemetry analysis, metric aggregation and visualization all-in-one solution.

Java, .Net Core, PHP, NodeJS, Golang, LUA agents supported

Istio + Envoy Service Mesh supported

Feature List

Consistent in multiple scenarios. supported telemetry sources from language agents and service mesh. Multiple language agents, including Java, .Net Core, PHP, NodeJS, Golang, LUA agents.
Light. No big data platform required, even observing the high payload cluster. Modulization. Have multiple options for UI, storage, cluster managements.
Alarm supported. Cool visualization solution.

Events & News

SkyWalking APM 8.2.0 is released

Oct. 27th, 2020

Support browser side monitoring; Composite alert rules; Introduce meter analysis language; Query traces by tags

SkyWalking Nginx LUA 0.3.0 is released

Oct. 24th, 2020

Add prefix to avoid conflicts with other LUA libs; Add `http.status` tag

SkyWalking CLI 0.4.0 is released

Oct. 11th, 2020

Add dashboard command and traces search

Welcome Huaxi Jiang as new committer

Sep. 28th, 2020

Based on his continuous contributions, Huaxi Jiang (a.k.a [fgksgf](https://github.com/fgksgf)) has been voted as a new committer.

Who is using SkyWalking

Various companies and organizations use SkyWalking for research, production and commercial products.

The PoweredBy page includes more users of the project.