Release Apache SkyWalking Java Agent 8.8.0

Release Apache SkyWalking Java Agent 8.8.0.

SkyWalking Java Agent 8.8.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars. Changes by Version


  • Split Java agent from the main monorepo. It is a separate repository and going to release separately.
  • Support JDK 8-17 through upgrading byte-buddy to 1.11.18.
  • Upgrade JDK 11 in dockerfile and remove unused java_opts.
  • DataCarrier changes a #consume API to add properties as a parameter to initialize consumer when use Class<? extends IConsumer<T>> consumerClass.
  • Support Multiple DNS period resolving mechanism
  • Modify Tags.STATUS_CODE field name to Tags.HTTP_RESPONSE_STATUS_CODE and type from StringTag to IntegerTag, add Tags.RPC_RESPONSE_STATUS_CODE field to hold rpc response code value.
  • Fix kafka-reporter-plugin shade package conflict
  • Add all config items to agent.conf file for convenient containerization use cases.
  • Advanced Kafka Producer configuration enhancement.
  • Support mTLS for gRPC channel.
  • fix the bug that plugin record wrong time elapse for lettuce plugin
  • fix the bug that the wrong db.instance value displayed on Skywalking-UI when existing multi-database-instance on same host port pair.
  • Add thrift plugin support thrift TMultiplexedProcessor.
  • Add benchmark result for exception-ignore plugin and polish plugin guide.
  • Provide Alibaba Druid database connection pool plugin.
  • Provide HikariCP database connection pool plugin.
  • Fix NumberFormat exception in jdbc-commons plugin when MysqlURLParser parser jdbcurl
  • Provide Alibaba Fastjson parser/generator plugin.
  • Provide Jackson serialization and deserialization plugin.
  • Fix a tracing context leak of SpringMVC plugin, when an internal exception throws due to response can’t be found.
  • Make GRPC log reporter sharing GRPC channel with other reporters of agent. Remove config items of agent.conf, plugin.toolkit.log.grpc.reporter.server_host, plugin.toolkit.log.grpc.reporter.server_port, and plugin.toolkit.log.grpc.reporter.upstream_timeout. rename plugin.toolkit.log.grpc.reporter.max_message_size to log.max_message_size.
  • Implement Kafka Log Reporter. Add config item of agnt.conf, plugin.kafka.topic_logging.
  • Add plugin to support Apache HttpClient 5.
  • Format SpringMVC & Tomcat EntrySpan operation name to METHOD:URI.
  • Make HTTP method in the operation name according to runtime, rather than previous code-level definition, which used to have possibilities including multiple HTTP methods.
  • Fix the bug that httpasyncclient-4.x-plugin does not take effect every time.
  • Add plugin to support ClickHouse JDBC driver.
  • Fix version compatibility for JsonRPC4J plugin.
  • Add plugin to support Apache Kylin-jdbc 2.6.x 3.x 4.x
  • Fix instrumentation v2 API doesn’t work for constructor instrumentation.
  • Add plugin to support okhttp 2.x
  • Optimize okhttp 3.x 4.x plugin to get span time cost precisely
  • Adapt message header properties of RocketMQ 4.9.x


All issues and pull requests are here