Release Apache SkyWalking APM 9.3.0

Release Apache SkyWalking 9.3.0

SkyWalking 9.3.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars.

Metrics Association

Dashboard Pop-up Trace Query

APISIX Dashboard

Use Sharding MySQL as the Database

Virtual Cache Performance

Virtual MQ Performance


  • Bump up the embedded swctl version in OAP Docker image.

OAP Server

  • Add component ID(133) for impala JDBC Java agent plugin and component ID(134) for impala server.
  • Use prepareStatement in H2SQLExecutor#getByIDs.(No function change).
  • Bump up snakeyaml to 1.32 for fixing CVE.
  • Fix DurationUtils.convertToTimeBucket missed verify date format.
  • Enhance LAL to support converting LogData to DatabaseSlowStatement.
  • [Breaking Change] Change the LAL script format(Add layer property).
  • Adapt ElasticSearch 8.1+, migrate from removed APIs to recommended APIs.
  • Support monitoring MySQL slow SQLs.
  • Support analyzing cache related spans to provide metrics and slow commands for cache services from client side
  • Optimize virtual database, fix dynamic config watcher NPE when default value is null
  • Remove physical index existing check and keep template existing check only to avoid meaningless retry wait in no-init mode.
  • Make sure instance list ordered in TTL processor to avoid TTL timer never runs.
  • Support monitoring PostgreSQL slow SQLs.
  • [Breaking Change] Support sharding MySQL database instances and tables by Shardingsphere-Proxy. SQL-Database requires removing tables log_tag/segment_tag/zipkin_query before OAP starts, if bump up from previous releases.
  • Fix meter functions avgHistogram, avgHistogramPercentile, avgLabeled, sumHistogram having data conflict when downsampling.
  • Do sorting readLabeledMetricsValues result forcedly in case the storage(database) doesn’t return data consistent with the parameter list.
  • Fix the wrong watch semantics in Kubernetes watchers, which causes heavy traffic to API server in some Kubernetes clusters, we should use Get State and Start at Most Recent semantic instead of Start at Exact because we don’t need the changing history events, see
  • Unify query services and DAOs codes time range condition to Duration.
  • [Breaking Change]: Remove prometheus-fetcher plugin, please use OpenTelemetry to scrape Prometheus metrics and set up SkyWalking OpenTelemetry receiver instead.
  • BugFix: histogram metrics sent to MAL should be treated as OpenTelemetry style, not Prometheus style:
    (-infinity, explicit_bounds[i]] for i == 0
    (explicit_bounds[i-1], explicit_bounds[i]] for 0 < i < size(explicit_bounds)
    (explicit_bounds[i-1], +infinity) for i == size(explicit_bounds)
  • Support Golang runtime metrics analysis.
  • Add APISIX metrics monitoring
  • Support skywalking-client-js report empty service version and page path , set default version as latest and default page path as /(root). Fix the error fetching data (/browser_app_page_pv0) : Can't split endpoint id into 2 parts.
  • [Breaking Change] Limit the max length of trace/log/alarm tag’s key=value, set the max length of column tags in tableslog_tag/segment_tag/alarm_record_tag and column query in zipkin_query and column tag_value in tag_autocomplete to 256. SQL-Database requires altering these columns' length or removing these tables before OAP starts, if bump up from previous releases.
  • Optimize the creation conditions of profiling task.
  • Lazy load the Kubernetes metadata and switch from event-driven to polling. Previously we set up watchers to watch the Kubernetes metadata changes, this is perfect when there are deployments changes and SkyWalking can react to the changes in real time. However when the cluster has many events (such as in large cluster or some special Kubernetes engine like OpenShift), the requests sent from SkyWalking becomes unpredictable, i.e. SkyWalking might send massive requests to Kubernetes API server, causing heavy load to the API server. This PR switches from the watcher mechanism to polling mechanism, SkyWalking polls the metadata in a specified interval, so that the requests sent to API server is predictable (~10 requests every interval, 3 minutes), and the requests count is constant regardless of the cluster’s changes. However with this change SkyWalking can’t react to the cluster changes in time, but the delay is acceptable in our case.
  • Optimize the query time of tasks in ProfileTaskCache.
  • Fix metrics was put into wrong slot of the window in the alerting kernel.
  • Support sumPerMinLabeled in MAL.
  • Bump up jackson databind, snakeyaml, grpc dependencies.
  • Support export Trace and Log through Kafka.
  • Add new config initialization mechanism of module provider. This is a ModuleManager lib kernel level change.
  • [Breaking Change] Support new records query protocol, rename the column named service_id to entity_id for support difference entity. Please re-create top_n_database_statement index/table.
  • Remove improper self-obs metrics in JvmMetricsHandler(for Kafka channel).
  • gRPC stream canceling code is not logged as an error when the client cancels the stream. The client cancels the stream when the pod is terminated.
  • [Breaking Change] Change the way of loading MAL rules(support pattern).
  • Move k8s relative MAL files into /otel-rules/k8s.
  • [Breaking Change] Refactor service mesh protobuf definitions and split TCP-related metrics to individual definition.
  • Add TCP{Service,ServiceInstance,ServiceRelation,ServiceInstanceRelation} sources and split TCP-related entities out from original Service,ServiceInstance,ServiceRelation,ServiceInstanceRelation.
  • [Breaking Change] TCP-related source names are changed, fields of TCP-related sources are changed, please refer to the latest oal/tcp.oal file.
  • Do not log error logs when failed to create ElasticSearch index because the index is created already.
  • Add virtual MQ analysis for native traces.
  • Support Python runtime metrics analysis.
  • Support sampledTrace in LAL.
  • Support multiple rules with different names under the same layer of LAL script.
  • (Optimization) Reduce the buffer size(queue) of MAL(only) metric streams. Set L1 queue size as 1/20, L2 queue size as 1/2.
  • Support monitoring MySQL/PostgreSQL in the cluster mode.
  • [Breaking Change] Migrate to BanyanDB v0.2.0.
    • Adopt new OR logical operator for,
      1. MeasureIDs query
      2. BanyanDBProfileThreadSnapshotQueryDAO query
      3. Multiple Event conditions query
      4. Metrics query
    • Simplify Group check and creation
    • Partially apply UITemplate changes
    • Support index_only
    • Return CompletableFuture<Void> directly from BanyanDB client
    • Optimize data binary parse methods in *LogQueryDAO
    • Support different indexType
    • Support configuration for TTL and (block|segment) intervals
  • Elasticsearch storage: Provide system environment variable(SW_STORAGE_ES_SPECIFIC_INDEX_SETTINGS) and support specify the settings (number_of_shards/number_of_replicas) for each index individually.
  • Elasticsearch storage: Support update index settings (number_of_shards/number_of_replicas) for the index template after rebooting.
  • Optimize MQ Topology analysis. Use entry span’s peer from the consumer side as source service when no producer instrumentation(no cross-process reference).
  • Refactor JDBC storage implementations to reuse logics.
  • Fix ClassCastException in LoggingConfigWatcher.
  • Support span attached event concept in Zipkin and SkyWalking trace query.
  • Support span attached events on Zipkin lens UI.
  • Force UTF-8 encoding in JsonLogHandler of kafka-fetcher-plugin.
  • Fix max length to 512 of entity, instance and endpoint IDs in trace, log, profiling, topN tables(JDBC storages). The value was 200 by default.
  • Add component IDs(135, 136, 137) for EventMesh server and client-side plugins.
  • Bump up Kafka client to 2.8.1 to fix CVE-2021-38153.
  • Remove lengthEnvVariable for Column as it never works as expected.
  • Add LongText to support longer logs persistent as a text type in ElasticSearch, instead of a keyword, to avoid length limitation.
  • Fix wrong system variable name SW_CORE_ENABLE_ENDPOINT_NAME_GROUPING_BY_OPENAPI. It was opaenapi.
  • Fix not-time-series model blocking OAP boots in no-init mode.
  • Fix ShardingTopologyQueryDAO.loadServiceRelationsDetectedAtServerSide invoke backend miss parameter serviceIds.
  • Changed system variable SW_SUPERDATASET_STORAGE_DAY_STEP to SW_STORAGE_ES_SUPER_DATASET_DAY_STEP to be consistent with other ES storage related variables.
  • Fix ESEventQueryDAO missing metric_table boolQuery criteria.
  • Add default entity name(_blank) if absent to avoid NPE in the decoding. This caused Can't split xxx id into 2 parts.
  • Support dynamic config the sampling strategy in network profiling.
  • Zipkin module support BanyanDB storage.
  • Zipkin traces query API, sort the result set by start time by default.
  • Enhance the cache mechanism in the metric persistent process.
    • This cache only worked when the metric is accessible(readable) from the database. Once the insert execution is delayed due to the scale, the cache loses efficacy. It only works for the last time update per minute, considering our 25s period.
    • Fix ID conflicts for all JDBC storage implementations. Due to the insert delay, the JDBC storage implementation would still generate another new insert statement.
  • [Breaking Change] Remove core/default/enableDatabaseSession config.
  • [Breaking Change] Add @BanyanDB.TimestampColumn to identify which column in Record is providing the timestamp(milliseconds) for BanyanDB, since BanyanDB stream requires a timestamp in milliseconds. For SQL-Database: add new column timestamp for tables profile_task_log/top_n_database_statement, requires altering this column or removing these tables before OAP starts, if bump up from previous releases.
  • Fix Elasticsearch storage: In No-Sharding Mode, add specific analyzer to the template before index creation to avoid update index error.
  • Internal API: remove undocumented ElasticSearch API usage and use documented one.
  • Fix BanyanDB.ShardingKey annotation missed in the generated OAL metrics classes.
  • Fix Elasticsearch storage: Query sortMetrics missing transform real index column name.
  • Rename BanyanDB.ShardingKey to BanyanDB.SeriesID.
  • Self-Observability: Add counters for metrics reading from DB or cached. Dashboard:Metrics Persistent Cache Count.
  • Self-Observability: Fix GC Time calculation.
  • Fix Elasticsearch storage: In No-Sharding Mode, column’s property indexOnly not applied and cannot be updated.
  • Update the trace_id field as storage only(cannot be queried) in top_n_database_statement, top_n_cache_read_command, top_n_cache_read_command index.


  • Fix: tab active incorrectly, when click tab space
  • Add impala icon for impala JDBC Java agent plugin.
  • (Webapp)Bump up snakeyaml to 1.31 for fixing CVE-2022-25857
  • [Breaking Change]: migrate from Spring Web to Armeria, now you should use the environment variable name SW_OAP_ADDRESS to change the OAP backend service addresses, like SW_OAP_ADDRESS=localhost:12800,localhost:12801, and use environment variable SW_SERVER_PORT to change the port. Other Spring-related configurations don’t take effect anymore.
  • Polish the endpoint list graph.
  • Fix styles for an adaptive height.
  • Fix setting up a new time range after clicking the refresh button.
  • Enhance the process topology graph to support dragging nodes.
  • UI-template: Fix metrics calculation in general-service/mesh-service/faas-function top-list dashboard.
  • Update MySQL dashboard to visualize collected slow SQLs.
  • Add virtual cache dashboard.
  • Remove responseCode fields of all OAL sources, as well as examples to avoid user’s confusion.
  • Remove All from the endpoints selector.
  • Enhance menu configurations to make it easier to change.
  • Update PostgreSQL dashboard to visualize collected slow SQLs.
  • Add Golang runtime metrics and cpu/memory used rate panels in General-Instance dashboard.
  • Add gateway apisix menu.
  • Query logs with the specific service ID.
  • Bump d3-color from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0.
  • Add Golang runtime metrics and cpu/memory used rate panels in FaaS-Instance dashboard.
  • Revert logs on trace widget.
  • Add a sub-menu for virtual mq.
  • Add readRecords to metric types.
  • Verify dashboard names for new dashboards.
  • Associate metrics with the trace widget on dashboards.
  • Fix configuration panel styles.
  • Remove a un-use icon.
  • Support labeled value on the service/instance/endpoint list widgets.
  • Add menu for virtual MQ.
  • Set selector props and update configuration panel styles.
  • Add Python runtime metrics and cpu/memory utilization panels to General-Instance and Fass-Instance dashboards.
  • Enhance the legend of metrics graph widget with the summary table.
  • Add apache eventMesh logo file.
  • Fix conditions for trace profiling.
  • Fix tag keys list and duration condition.
  • Fix typo.
  • Fix condition logic for trace tree data.
  • Enhance tags component to search tags with the input value.
  • Fix topology loading style.
  • Fix update metric processor for the readRecords and remove readSampledRecords from metrics selector.
  • Add trace association for FAAS dashboards.
  • Visualize attached events on the trace widget.
  • Add HTTP/1.x metrics and HTTP req/resp body collecting tabs on the network profiling widget.
  • Implement creating tasks ui for network profiling widget.
  • Fix entity types for ProcessRelation.
  • Add trace association for general service dashboards.


  • Add metadata-uid setup doc about Kubernetes coordinator in the cluster management.
  • Add a doc for adding menus to booster UI.
  • Move general good read blogs from Agent Introduction to Academy.
  • Add re-post for blog Scaling with Apache SkyWalking in the academy list.
  • Add re-post for blog Diagnose Service Mesh Network Performance with eBPF in the academy list.
  • Add Security Notice doc.
  • Add new docs for Report Span Attached Events data collecting protocol.
  • Add new docs for Record query protocol
  • Update Server Agents and Compatibility for PHP agent.
  • Add docs for profiling.
  • Update the network profiling documentation.

All issues and pull requests are here