SkyWalking v8 OAP server End-of-life(EOL)

The SkyWalking community deprecated all v8 releases from the docs and download pages

This is an official annoucement from SkyWalking team.

Due to the Plan to End-of-life(EOL) all v8 releases in Nov. 2022 had been posted in 3 months, SkyWalking community doesn’t received any objection or a proposal about releasing a new patch version.

Now, it is time to end the v8 series. All documents of v8 are not going to be hosted on the website. You only could find the artifacts and source codes from the Apache’s archive repository. The documents of each version are included in /docs/ folder in the source tars.

The SkyWalking community would reject the bug reports and release proposal due to its End-of-life(EOL) status. v9 provides more powerful features and covers all capabilities of the latest v8. Recommend upgrading to the latest.

V8 was a memorable and significative release series, which makes the project globally adopted. It brought dev community scale up to over 500 contributors.

We want to highlight and thank all those contributors and end users again. You made today’s SkyWalking.

Welcome more contributors and users to join the community, to contribute your ideas, experiences, and feedback. We need you to improve and enhance the project to a higher level.