Release Apache SkyWalking BanyanDB 0.2.0

SkyWalking BanyanDB 0.2.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars.


  • Command line tool: bydbctl.
  • Retention controller.
  • Full-text searching.
  • TopN aggregation.
  • Add RESTFul style APIs based on gRPC gateway.
  • Add “exists” endpoints to the schema registry.
  • Support tag-based CRUD of the property.
  • Support index-only tags.
  • Support logical operator(and & or) for the query.


  • “metadata” syncing pipeline complains about an “unknown group”.
  • “having” semantic inconsistency.
  • “tsdb” leaked goroutines.


  • “tsdb” structure optimization.
    • Merge the primary index into the LSM-based index
    • Remove term metadata.
  • Memory parameters optimization.
  • Bump go to 1.19.