Release Apache SkyWalking BanyanDB 0.5.0

SkyWalking BanyanDB 0.5.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars.


  • List all properties in a group.
  • Implement Write-ahead Logging
  • Document the clustering.
  • Support multiple roles for banyand server.
  • Support for recovery buffer using wal.
  • Register the node role to the metadata registry.
  • Implement the remote queue to spreading data to data nodes.
  • Fix parse environment variables error
  • Implement the distributed query engine.
  • Add mod revision check to write requests.
  • Add TTL to the property.
  • Implement node selector (e.g. PickFirst Selector, Maglev Selector).
  • Unified the buffers separated in blocks to a single buffer in the shard.


  • BanyanDB ui unable to load icon.
  • BanyanDB ui type error
  • Fix timer not released
  • BanyanDB ui misses fields when creating a group
  • Fix data duplicate writing
  • Syncing metadata change events from etcd instead of a local channel.


  • Bump several dependencies and tools.
  • Drop redundant “discovery” module from banyand. “metadata” module is enough to play the node and shard discovery role.