Release Apache SkyWalking APM 8.6.0

Release Apache SkyWalking 8.6.0.

SkyWalking 8.6.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars. Changes by Version


  • Add OpenSearch as storage option.
  • Upgrade Kubernetes Java client dependency to 11.0.
  • Fix plugin test script error in macOS.

Java Agent

  • Add trace_segment_ref_limit_per_span configuration mechanism to avoid OOM.
  • Improve GlobalIdGenerator performance.
  • Add an agent plugin to support elasticsearch7.
  • Add jsonrpc4j agent plugin.
  • new options to support multi skywalking cluster use same kafka cluster(plugin.kafka.namespace)
  • resolve agent has no retries if connect kafka cluster failed when bootstrap
  • Add Seata in the component definition. Seata plugin hosts on Seata project.
  • Extended Kafka plugin to properly trace consumers that have topic partitions directly assigned.
  • Support Kafka consumer 2.8.0.
  • Support print SkyWalking context to logs.
  • Add MessageListener enhancement in pulsar plugin.
  • fix a bug that spring-mvc set an error endpoint name if the controller class annotation implements an interface.
  • Add an optional agent plugin to support mybatis.
  • Add spring-cloud-gateway-3.x optional plugin.
  • Add okhttp-4.x plugin.
  • Fix NPE when thrift field is nested in plugin thrift
  • Fix possible NullPointerException in agent’s ES plugin.
  • Fix the conversion problem of float type in ConfigInitializer.
  • Fixed part of the dynamic configuration of ConfigurationDiscoveryService that does not take effect under certain circumstances.
  • Introduce method interceptor API v2
  • Fix ClassCast issue for RequestHolder/ResponseHolder.
  • fixed jdk-threading-plugin memory leak.
  • Optimize multiple field reflection operation in Feign plugin.
  • Fix trace-ignore-plugin TraceIgnorePathPatterns can’t set empty value


  • BugFix: filter invalid Envoy access logs whose socket address is empty.
  • Fix K8s monitoring the incorrect metrics calculate.
  • Loop alarm into event system.
  • Support alarm tags.
  • Support WeLink as a channel of alarm notification.
  • Fix: Some defensive codes didn’t work in PercentileFunction combine.
  • CVE: fix Jetty vulnerability.
  • Fix: MAL function would miss samples name after creating new samples.
  • perf: use iterator.remove() to remove modulesWithoutProvider
  • Support analyzing Envoy TCP access logs and persist error TCP logs.
  • Fix: Envoy error logs are not persisted when no metrics are generated
  • Fix: Memory leakage of low version etcd client. fix-issue
  • Allow multiple definitions as fallback in metadata-service-mapping.yaml file and k8sServiceNameRule.
  • Fix: NPE when configmap has no data.
  • Fix: Dynamic Configuration key slowTraceSegmentThreshold not work
  • Fix: != is not supported in oal when parameters are numbers.
  • Include events of the entity(s) in the alarm.
  • Support native-json format log in kafka-fetcher-plugin.
  • Fix counter misuse in the alarm core. Alarm can’t be triggered in time.
  • Events can be configured as alarm source.
  • Make the number of core worker in meter converter thread pool configurable.
  • Add HTTP implementation of logs reporting protocol.
  • Make metrics exporter still work even when storage layer failed.
  • Fix Jetty HTTP TRACE issue, disable HTTP methods except POST.
  • CVE: upgrade snakeyaml to prevent billion laughs attack in dynamic configuration.
  • polish debug logging avoids null value when the segment ignored.


  • Add logo for kong plugin.
  • Add apisix logo.
  • Refactor js to ts for browser logs and style change.
  • When creating service groups in the topology, it is better if the service names are sorted.
  • Add tooltip for dashboard component.
  • Fix style of endpoint dependency.
  • Support search and visualize alarms with tags.
  • Fix configurations on dashboard.
  • Support to configure the maximum number of displayed items.
  • After changing the durationTime, the topology shows the originally selected group or service.
  • remove the no use maxItemNum for labeled-value metric, etc.
  • Add Azure Functions logo.
  • Support search Endpoint use keyword params in trace view.
  • Add a function which show the statistics infomation during the trace query.
  • Remove the sort button at the column of Type in the trace statistics page.
  • Optimize the APISIX icon in the topology.
  • Implement metrics templates in the topology.
  • Visualize Events on the alarm page.
  • Update duration steps in graphs for Trace and Log.


  • Polish k8s monitoring otel-collector configuration example.
  • Print SkyWalking context to logs configuration example.
  • Update doc about metrics v2 APIs.

All issues and pull requests are here