Release Apache SkyWalking Java Agent 9.2.0

Release Apache SkyWalking Java Agent 9.2.0.

SkyWalking Java Agent 9.2.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars. Changes by Version


  • Fix NoSuchMethodError in mvc-annotation-commons and change deprecated method.
  • Fix forkjoinpool plugin in JDK11.
  • Support for tracing spring-cloud-gateway 4.x in gateway-4.x-plugin.
  • Fix re-transform bug when plugin enhanced class proxy parent method.
  • Fix error HTTP status codes not recording as SLA failures in Vert.x plugins.
  • Support for HttpExchange request tracing.
  • Support tracing for async producing, batch sync consuming, and batch async consuming in rocketMQ-client-java-5.x-plugin.
  • Convert the Redisson span into an async span.
  • Rename system env name from sw_plugin_kafka_producer_config to SW_PLUGIN_KAFKA_PRODUCER_CONFIG.
  • Support for ActiveMQ-Artemis messaging tracing.
  • Archive the expired plugins impala-jdbc-2.6.x-plugin.
  • Fix a bug in Spring Cloud Gateway if HttpClientFinalizer#send does not invoke, the span created at NettyRoutingFilterInterceptor can not stop.
  • Fix not tracing in HttpClient v5 when HttpHost(arg[0]) is null but RoutingSupport#determineHost works.
  • Support across thread tracing for SOFA-RPC.
  • Update Jedis 4.x plugin to support Sharding and Cluster models.


  • Update docs to describe expired-plugins.

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