Release Apache SkyWalking Go 0.4.0

Release Apache SkyWalking Go 0.4.0

SkyWalking Go 0.4.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars.


  • Add support ignore suffix for span name.
  • Adding go 1.21 and 1.22 in docker image.


  • Support setting a discard type of reporter.
  • Add redis.max_args_bytes parameter for redis plugin.
  • Changing intercept point for gin, make sure interfaces could be grouped when params defined in relativePath.
  • Support RocketMQ MQ.
  • Support AMQP MQ.
  • support Echov4 framework.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix users can not use async api in toolkit-trace.
  • Fix cannot enhance the vendor management project.
  • Fix SW_AGENT_REPORTER_GRPC_MAX_SEND_QUEUE not working on metricsSendCh & logSendCh chans of gRPC reporter.
  • Fix ParseVendorModule error for special case in vendor/modules.txt.
  • Fix enhance method error when unknown parameter type.
  • Fix wrong tracing context when trace have been sampled.
  • Fix enhance param error when there are multiple params.
  • Fix lost trace when multi middleware handlerFunc in gin plugin.
  • Fix DBQueryContext execute error in sql plugin.
  • Fix stack overflow as endless logs triggered.

Issues and PR

  • All issues are here
  • All and pull requests are here