Release Apache SkyWalking Java Agent 8.14.0

Release Apache SkyWalking Java Agent 8.14.0.

SkyWalking Java Agent 8.14.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars. Changes by Version


  • Polish test framework to support arm64/v8 platforms
  • Fix wrong config name plugin.toolkit.use_qualified_name_as_operation_name, and system variable name SW_PLUGIN_TOOLKIT_USE_QUALIFIED_NAME_AS_OPERATION_NAME:false. They were toolit.
  • Rename JDBI to JDBC
  • Support collecting dubbo thread pool metrics
  • Bump up byte-buddy to 1.12.19
  • Upgrade agent test tools
  • [Breaking Change] Compatible with 3.x and 4.x RabbitMQ Client, rename rabbitmq-5.x-plugin to rabbitmq-plugin
  • Polish JDBC plugins to make DBType accurate
  • Report the agent version to OAP as an instance attribute
  • Polish jedis-4.x-plugin to change command to lowercase, which is consistent with jedis-2.x-3.x-plugin
  • Add micronauthttpclient,micronauthttpserver,memcached,ehcache,guavacache,jedis,redisson plugin config properties to agent.config
  • Add Micrometer Observation support
  • Add tags mq.message.keys and mq.message.tags for RocketMQ producer span
  • Clean the trace context which injected into Pulsar MessageImpl after the instance recycled
  • Fix In the higher version of mysql-connector-java 8x, there is an error in the value of db.instance.
  • Add support for KafkaClients 3.x.
  • Support to customize the collect period of JVM relative metrics.
  • Upgrade netty-codec-http2 to 4.1.86.Final.
  • Put Agent-Version property reading in the premain stage to avoid deadlock when using jarsigner.
  • Add a config agent.enable(default: true) to support disabling the agent through system property -Dskywalking.agent.disable=false or system environment variable setting SW_AGENT_ENABLE=false.
  • Enhance redisson plugin to adopt uniform tags.


  • Update, support string operators start with and end with
  • Polish agent configurations doc to fix type error

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