Release Apache SkyWalking BanyanDB 0.1.0

SkyWalking BanyanDB 0.1.0 is released. Go to downloads page to find release tars.


  • BanyanD is the server of BanyanDB
    • TSDB module. It provides the primary time series database with a key-value data module.
    • Stream module. It implements the stream data model’s writing.
    • Measure module. It implements the measure data model’s writing.
    • Metadata module. It implements resource registering and property CRUD.
    • Query module. It handles the querying requests of stream and measure.
    • Liaison module. It’s the gateway to other modules and provides access endpoints to clients.
  • gRPC based APIs
  • Document
    • API reference
    • Installation instrument
    • Basic concepts
  • Testing
    • UT
    • E2E with Java Client and OAP