Welcome to the BanyanDB

BanyanDB, as an observability database, aims to ingest, analyze and store Metrics, Tracing, and Logging data. It’s designed to handle observability data generated by Apache SkyWalking. Before BanyanDB emerges, the Databases that SkyWalking adopted are not ideal for the APM data model, especially for saving tracing and logging data. Consequently, There’s room to improve the performance and resource usage based on the nature of SkyWalking data patterns.

Here you can learn all you need to know about BanyanDB. Let’s get started with it.

  • Installation. Instruments about how to download and onboard BanyanDB server, Banyand.
  • Clients. Some native clients to access Banyand.
  • Observability. Learn how to effectively monitor, diagnose and optimize Banyand.
  • Concept. Learn the concepts of Banyand. Includes the architecture, data model, and so on.
  • CRUD Operations. To create, read, update, and delete data points or entities on resources in the schema.

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