This document outlines the observability features of BanyanDB, which include metrics, profiling, and tracing. These features help monitor and understand the performance, behavior, and overall health of BanyanDB.


BanyanDB has built-in support for metrics collection. Currently, there is only one supported metrics provider: Prometheus. It is auto enabled at run time through observability-modes flag.

When the Prometheus metrics provider is enabled, the metrics server listens on port 2121. This allows Prometheus to scrape metrics data from BanyanDB for monitoring and analysis.

The Docker image is tagged as “prometheus” to facilitate cloud-native operations and simplify deployment on Kubernetes. This allows users to directly deploy the Docker image onto their Kubernetes cluster without having to rebuild it with the “prometheus” tag.


Banyand, the server of BanyanDB, supports profiling automatically. The profiling data is collected by the pprof package and can be accessed through the /debug/pprof endpoint. The port of the profiling server is 2122 by default.


TODO: Add details about the tracing support in BanyanDB, such as how to enable tracing, available tracing tools, and how to analyze tracing data.