CDS - Configuration Discovery Service

CDS - Configuration Discovery Service provides the dynamic configuration for the agent, defined in gRPC.

Configuration Format

The configuration content includes the service name and their configs. The

  //service name
    // Configurations of service A
    // Key and Value are determined by the agent side.
    // Check the agent setup doc for all available configurations.
    key1: value1
    key2: value2

Available key(s) and value(s) in Java Agent.

Java agent supports the following dynamic configurations.

Config Key Value Description Value Format Example Required Plugin(s)
agent.sample_n_per_3_secs The number of sampled traces per 3 seconds -1 -
agent.ignore_suffix If the operation name of the first span is included in this set, this segment should be ignored. Multiple values should be separated by , .txt,.log -
agent.trace.ignore_path The value is the path that you need to ignore, multiple paths should be separated by , more details /your/path/1/**,/your/path/2/** apm-trace-ignore-plugin
agent.span_limit_per_segment The max number of spans per segment. 300 -
plugin.jdbc.trace_sql_parameters If set to true, the parameters of the sql (typically java.sql.PreparedStatement) would be collected. false -
  • Required plugin(s), the configuration affects only when the required plugins activated.