Compiling project

This document will help you compile and build a project in your maven and set your IDE.

Prepare JDK 8+.

git clone
cd skywalking-java
./mvnw clean package -Pall
./mvnw clean package

The agent binary package is generated in skywalking-agent folder.

Set Generated Source Codes(grpc-java and java folders in apm-protocol/apm-network/target/generated-sources/protobuf) folders if you are using IntelliJ IDE.

Building Docker images

After you have compiled the project and have generated the skywalking-agent folder, you can build Docker images. [make docker] builds the agent Docker images based on alpine image, java8, java11 and java 17 images by default. If you want to only build part of the images, add suffix .alpine or .java<x> to the make target, for example:

  • Build Docker images based on alpine, Java 8 and Java 11.
    make docker.alpine docker.java8 docker.java11

You can also customize the Docker registry and Docker image names by specifying the variable HUB, NAME.

  • Set private Docker registry to and custom name to sw-agent.
    make docker.alpine NAME=sw-agent

    This will name the Docker image to

If you want to push the Docker images, add suffix to the make target docker., for example:

  • Build and push images based on alpine, Java 8 and Java 11.
    make docker.push.alpine docker.push.java8 docker.push.java11