Virtual Message Queue (MQ)

Virtual MQ represent the MQ nodes detected by server agents' plugins. The performance metrics of the MQ are also from the MQ client-side perspective.

For example, Kafka plugins in the Java agent could detect the transmission latency of message As a result, SkyWalking would show message count, transmission latency, success rate powered by backend analysis capabilities in this dashboard.

The MQ operation span should have

  • It is an Exit(at producer side) or Entry(at consumer side) span
  • Span’s layer == MQ
  • Tag key = mq.queue, value = MQ queue name
  • Tag key = mq.topic, value = MQ queue topic , it’s optional as some MQ don’t have topic concept.
  • Tag key = transmission.latency, value = Transmission latency from consumer to producer
  • Set peer at both sides(producer and consumer). And the value of peer should represent the MQ server cluster.