Uninstrumented Gateways/Proxies

The uninstrumented gateways are not instrumented by the SkyWalking agent plugin when they start, but they can be configured in gateways.yml file or via Dynamic Configuration. The reason why they can’t register to backend automatically is that there are no suitable agent plugins. For example, there are no agent plugins for Nginx, HAProxy, etc. So to visualize the real topology, we provide a way to configure the gateways/proxies manually.

Configuration Format

The configuration content includes gateway names and their instances:

 - name: proxy0 # the name is not used for now
     - host: # the host/IP of this gateway instance
       port: 9099 # the port of this gateway instance defaults to 80

Note: The host of the instance must be the one that is actually used on the client-side. For example, if instance proxyA has 2 IPs, say and, both of which delegate the target service, and the client connects to, then configuring as the host won’t work properly.