Telegraf receiver

The Telegraf receiver supports receiving InfluxDB Telegraf’s metrics by meter-system. The OAP can load the configuration at bootstrap. The files are located at $CLASSPATH/telegraf-rules. If the new configuration is not well-formed, the OAP may fail to start up.

This is the InfluxDB Telegraf Document, the Telegraf receiver can handle Telegraf’s CPU Input Plugin, Memory Input Plugin.

There are many other telegraf input plugins, users can customize different input plugins' rule files. The rule file should be in YAML format, defined by the scheme described in MAL. Please see the telegraf plugin directory for more input plugins information.


  • The Telegraf receiver module uses HTTP to receive telegraf’s metrics, so the outputs method should be set [[outputs.http]] in telegraf.conf file. Please see the http outputs for more details.

  • The Telegraf receiver module only process telegraf’s JSON metrics format, the data format should be set data_format = "json" in telegraf.conf file. Please see the JSON data format for more details.

  • The default json_timestamp_units is second in JSON output, and the Telegraf receiver module only process second timestamp unit. If users configure json_timestamp_units in telegraf.conf file, json_timestamp_units = "1s" is feasible. Please see the JSON data format for more details.

The following is the default telegraf receiver YAML rule file in the application.yml, Set SW_RECEIVER_TELEGRAF:default through system environment or change SW_RECEIVER_TELEGRAF_ACTIVE_FILES:vm to activate the OpenTelemetry receiver with vm.yml in telegraf-rules.

  selector: ${SW_RECEIVER_TELEGRAF:default}
Rule Name Description Configuration File Data Source
vm Metrics of VMs telegraf-rules/vm.yaml Telegraf inputs plugins –> Telegraf Receiver –> SkyWalking OAP Server