IP and port setting

The backend uses IP and port binding in order to allow the OS to have multiple IPs. The binding/listening IP and port are specified by the core module

    restPort: 12800
    restContextPath: /
    gRPCPort: 11800

There are two IP/port pairs for gRPC and HTTP REST services.

  • Most agents and probes use gRPC service for better performance and code readability.
  • Some agents use REST service because gRPC may not be supported in that language.
  • The UI uses REST service, but the data is always in GraphQL format.


IP binding

For users unfamiliar with IP binding, note that once IP binding is complete, the client could only use this IP to access the service. For example, if is bound, even if you are in this machine, you must use, rather than or localhost, to access the service.

Module provider specified IP and port

The IP and port in the core module are provided by default. But it is common for some module providers, such as receiver modules, to provide other IP and port settings.