OAP backend dependency management

This section is only applicable to dependencies of the OAP server and UI.

As one of the Top Level Projects of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), SkyWalking must follow the ASF 3RD PARTY LICENSE POLICY. So if you’re adding new dependencies to the project, you should make sure that the new dependencies would not break the policy, and add their LICENSE and NOTICE to the project.

We use license-eye to help you make sure that you haven’t missed out any new dependencies:

  • Install license-eye according to the doc.
  • Run license-eye dependency resolve --summary ./dist-material/release-docs/LICENSE.tpl in the root directory of this project.
  • Check the modified lines in ./dist-material/release-docs/LICENSE (via command git diff -U0 ./dist-material/release-docs/LICENSE) and check whether the new dependencies' licenses are compatible with Apache 2.0.
  • Add the new dependencies' notice files (if any) to ./dist-material/release-docs/NOTICE if they are Apache 2.0 license. Copy their license files to ./dist-material/release-docs/licenses if they are not standard Apache 2.0 license.
  • Copy the new dependencies' license file to ./dist-material/release-docs/licenses if they are not standard Apache 2.0 license.