• Upgrade Armeria to 1.16.0, Kubernetes Java client to 15.0.1.

OAP Server

  • Add more entities for Zipkin to improve performance.
  • ElasticSearch: scroll id should be updated when scrolling as it may change.
  • Mesh: fix only last rule works when multiple rules are defined in metadata-service-mapping.yaml.
  • Support sending alarm messages to PagerDuty.
  • Support Zipkin kafka collector.
  • Add VIRTUAL detect type to Process for Network Profiling.
  • Add component ID(128) for Java Hutool plugin.
  • Add Zipkin query exception handler, response error message for illegal arguments.


  • Fix query conditions for the browser logs.
  • Implement a url parameter to activate tab index.
  • Fix clear interval fail when switch autoRefresh to off.
  • Optimize log tables.
  • Fix log detail pop-up page doesn’t work.
  • Optimize table widget to hide the whole metric column when no metric is set.
  • Implement the Event widget.
  • Fix span detail text overlap.


  • Fix invalid links in release docs

All issues and pull requests are here