• Fix Duplicate class found due to the delombok goal.

OAP Server

  • Fix wrong layer of metric user error in DynamoDB monitoring.
  • ElasticSearch storage does not check field types when OAP running in no-init mode.
  • Support to bind TLS status as a part of component for service topology.
  • Fix component ID priority bug.
  • Fix component ID of topology overlap due to storage layer bugs.
  • [Breaking Change] Enhance JDBC storage through merging tables and managing day-based table rolling.
  • [Breaking Change] Sharding-MySQL implementations and tests get removed due to we have the day-based rolling mechanism by default
  • Fix otel k8s-cluster rule add namespace dimension for MAL aggregation calculation(Deployment Status,Deployment Spec Replicas)
  • Support continuous profiling feature.
  • Support collect process level related metrics.
  • Fix K8sRetag reads the wrong k8s service from the cache due to a possible namespace mismatch.
  • [Breaking Change] Support cross-thread trace profiling. The data structure and query APIs are changed.
  • Fix PromQL HTTP API /api/v1/labels response missing service label.
  • Fix possible NPE when initialize IntList.
  • Support parse PromQL expression has empty labels in the braces for metadata query.
  • Support alarm metric OP !=.
  • Support metrics query indicates whether value == 0 represents actually zero or no data.
  • Fix NPE when query the not exist series indexes in ElasticSearch storage.
  • Support collecting memory buff/cache metrics in VM monitoring.
  • PromQL: Remove empty values from the query result, fix /api/v1/metadata param limit could cause out of bound.
  • Support monitoring the total number metrics of k8s StatefulSet and DaemonSet.
  • Support Amazon API Gateway monitoring.
  • Bump up graphql-java to fix cve.
  • Bump up Kubernetes Java client.
  • Support Redis Monitoring.
  • Add component ID for amqp, amqp-producer and amqp-consumer.
  • Support no-proxy mode for aws-firehose receiver
  • Bump up armeria to 1.23.1
  • Support Elasticsearch Monitoring.
  • Fix PromQL HTTP API /api/v1/series response missing service label when matching metric.
  • Support ServerSide TopN for BanyanDB.
  • Add component ID for Jersey.
  • Remove OpenCensus support, the related codes and docs as it’s sunsetting.
  • Support dynamic configuration of searchableTracesTags
  • Support exportErrorStatusTraceOnly for export the error status trace segments through the Kafka channel
  • Add component ID for Grizzly.
  • Fix potential NPE in Zipkin receiver when the Span is missing some fields.
  • Filter out unknown_cluster metric data.
  • Support RabbitMQ Monitoring.
  • Support Redis slow logs collection.
  • Fix data loss when query continuous profiling task record.
  • Adapt the continuous profiling task query GraphQL.
  • Support Metrics Query Expression(MQE) and allows users to do simple query-stage calculation through the expression.
  • Deprecated metrics query v2 protocol.
  • Deprecated record query protocol.
  • Add component ID for go-redis.
  • Add OpenSearch 2.8.0 to test case.
  • Add ai-pipeline module.
  • Support HTTP URI formatting through ai-pipeline to do pattern recognition.
  • Add new HTTP URI grouping engine with benchmark.
  • [Breaking Change] Use the new HTTP URI grouping engine to replace the old regex based mechanism.
  • Support sumLabeled in MAL.
  • Migrate from kubernetes-client/java to fabric8 client.
  • Envoy ALS generated relation metrics considers http status codes >= 400 has an error at the client side.
  • Add cause message field when query continuous profiling task.


  • Revert: cpm5d function. This feature is cancelled from backend.
  • Fix: alerting link breaks on the topology.
  • Refactor Topology widget to make it more hierarchical.
    1. Choose User as the first node.
    2. If User node is absent, choose the busiest node(which has the most calls of all).
    3. Do a left-to-right flow process.
    4. At the same level, list nodes from top to bottom in alphabetical order.
  • Fix filter ID when ReadRecords metric associates with trace.
  • Add AWS API Gateway menu.
  • Change trace profiling protocol.
  • Add Redis menu.
  • Optimize data types.
  • Support isEmptyValue flag for metrics query.
  • Add elasticsearch menu.
  • [Clean UI templates before upgrade] Set showSymbol: true, and make the data point shows on the Line graph. Please clean ui_template index in elasticsearch storage or table in JDBC storage.
  • [Clean UI templates before upgrade] UI templates: Simplify metric name with the label.
  • Add MQ menu.
  • Add Jeysey icon.
  • Fix: set endpoint and instance selectors with url parameters correctly.
  • Bump up dependencies versions icons-vue 1.1.4, element-plus 2.1.0, nanoid 3.3.6, postcss 8.4.23
  • Add OpenTelemetry log protocol support.
  • [Breaking Change] Configuration key enabledOtelRules is renamed to enabledOtelMetricsRules and the corresponding environment variable is renamed to SW_OTEL_RECEIVER_ENABLED_OTEL_METRICS_RULES.
  • Add grizzly icon.
  • Fix: the Instance List data display error.
  • Fix: set topN type to Number.
  • Support Metrics Query Expression(MQE) and allows users to do simple query-stage calculation through the expression.
  • Bump up zipkin ui dependency to 2.24.1.
  • Bump up vite to 4.0.5.
  • Apply MQE on General and Virtual-Database layer UI-templates.
  • Add Continuous Profiling tab on Mesh layer UI-templates.


  • Add Profiling related documentations.
  • Add SUM_PER_MIN to MAL documentation.
  • Make the log relative docs more clear, and easier for further more formats support.
  • Update the cluster management and advanced deployment docs.

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