• Bump up Zipkin and Zipkin lens UI dependency to 2.24.0.
  • Bump up Apache parent pom version to 29.
  • Bump up Armeria version to 1.21.0.
  • Clean up maven pom.xmls.
  • Bump up Java version to 11.
  • Bump up snakeyaml to 2.0.

OAP Server

  • Add ServerStatusService in the core module to provide a new way to expose booting status to other modules.
  • Adds Micrometer as a new component.(ID=141)
  • Refactor session cache in MetricsPersistentWorker.
  • Cache enhancement - don’t read new metrics from database in minute dimensionality.
    // When
    // (1) the time bucket of the server's latest stability status is provided
    //     1.1 the OAP has booted successfully
    //     1.2 the current dimensionality is in minute.
    //     1.3 the OAP cluster is rebalanced due to scaling
    // (2) the metrics are from the time after the timeOfLatestStabilitySts
    // (3) the metrics don't exist in the cache
    // the kernel should NOT try to load it from the database.
    // Notice, about condition (2),
    // for the specific minute of booted successfully, the metrics are expected to load from database when
    // it doesn't exist in the cache.
  • Remove the offset of metric session timeout according to worker creation sequence.
  • Correct MetricsExtension annotations declarations in manual entities.
  • Support component IDs' priority in process relation metrics.
  • Remove abandon logic in MergableBufferedData, which caused unexpected no-update.
  • Fix miss set LastUpdateTimestamp that caused the metrics session to expire.
  • Rename MAL rule spring-sleuth.yaml to spring-micrometer.yaml.
  • Fix memory leak in Zipkin API.
  • Remove the dependency of refresh_interval of ElasticSearch indices from elasticsearch/flushInterval config. Now, it uses core/persistentPeriod + 5s as refresh_interval for all indices instead.
  • Change elasticsearch/flushInterval to 5s(was 15s).
  • Optimize flushInterval of ElasticSearch BulkProcessor to avoid extra periodical flush in the continuous bulk streams.
  • An unexpected dot is added when exp is a pure metric name and expPrefix != null.
  • Support monitoring MariaDB.
  • Remove measure/stream specific interval settings in BanyanDB.
  • Add global-specific settings used to override global configurations (e.g segmentIntervalDays, blockIntervalHours) in BanyanDB.
  • Use TTL-driven interval settings for the measure-default group in BanyanDB.
  • Fix wrong group of non time-relative metadata in BanyanDB.
  • Refactor StorageData#id to the new StorageID object from a String type.
  • Support multiple component IDs in the service topology level.
  • Add ElasticSearch.Keyword annotation to declare the target field type as keyword.
  • [Breaking Change] Column component_id of service_relation_client_side and service_relation_server_side have been replaced by component_ids.
  • Support priority definition in the component-libraries.yml.
  • Enhance service topology query. When there are multiple components detected from the server side, the component type of the node would be determined by the priority, which was random in the previous release.
  • Remove component_id from service_instance_relation_client_side and service_instance_relation_server_side.
  • Make the satellite E2E test more stable.
  • Add Istio 1.16 to test matrix.
  • Register ValueColumn as Tag for Record in BanyanDB storage plugin.
  • Bump up Netty to 4.1.86.
  • Remove unnecessary additional columns when storage is in logical sharding mode.
  • The cluster coordinator support watch mechanism for notifying RemoteClientManager and ServerStatusService.
  • Fix ServiceMeshServiceDispatcher overwrite ServiceDispatcher debug file when open SW_OAL_ENGINE_DEBUG.
  • Use groupBy and in operators to optimize topology query for BanyanDB storage plugin.
  • Support server status watcher for MetricsPersistentWorker to check the metrics whether required initialization.
  • Fix the meter value are not correct when using sumPerMinLabeld or sumHistogramPercentile MAL function.
  • Fix cannot display attached events when using Zipkin Lens UI query traces.
  • Remove time_bucket for both Stream and Measure kinds in BanyanDB plugin.
  • Merge TIME_BUCKET of Metrics and Record into StorageData.
  • Support no layer in the listServices query.
  • Fix time_bucket of ServiceTraffic not set correctly in slowSql of MAL.
  • Correct the TopN record query DAO of BanyanDB.
  • Tweak interval settings of BanyanDB.
  • Support monitoring AWS Cloud EKS.
  • Bump BanyanDB Java client to 0.3.0-rc1.
  • Remove id tag from measures.
  • Add Banyandb.MeasureField to mark a column as a BanyanDB Measure field.
  • Add BanyanDB.StoreIDTag to store a process’s id for searching.
  • [Breaking Change] The supported version of ShardingSphere-Proxy is upgraded from 5.1.2 to 5.3.1. Due to the changes of ShardingSphere’s API, versions before 5.3.1 are not compatible.
  • Add the eBPF network profiling E2E Test in the per storage.
  • Fix TCP service instances are lack of instance properties like pod and namespace, which causes Pod log not to work for TCP workloads.
  • Add Python HBase happybase module component ID(94).
  • Fix gRPC alarm cannot update settings from dynamic configuration source.
  • Add batchOfBytes configuration to limit the size of bulk flush.
  • Add Python Websocket module component ID(7018).
  • [Optional] Optimize single trace query performance by customizing routing in ElasticSearch. SkyWalking trace segments and Zipkin spans are using trace ID for routing. This is OFF by default, controlled by storage/elasticsearch/enableCustomRouting.
  • Enhance OAP HTTP server to support HTTPS
  • Remove handler scan in otel receiver, manual initialization instead
  • Add aws-firehose-receiver to support collecting AWS CloudWatch metric(OpenTelemetry format). Notice, no HTTPS/TLS setup support. By following AWS Firehose request, it uses proxy request (https://... instead of /aws/firehose/metrics), there must be a proxy(Nginx, Envoy, etc.).
  • Avoid Antlr dependencies' versions might be different in compile time and runtime.
  • Now PrometheusMetricConverter#escapedName also support converting / to _.
  • Add missing TCP throughput metrics.
  • Refactor @Column annotation, swap Column#name and ElasticSearch.Column#columnAlias and rename ElasticSearch.Column#columnAlias to ElasticSearch.Column#legacyName.
  • Add Python HTTPX module component ID(7019).
  • Migrate tests from junit 4 to junit 5.
  • Refactor http-based alarm plugins and extract common logic to HttpAlarmCallback.
  • Support Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) metrics monitoring
  • Support process Sum metrics with AGGREGATION_TEMPORALITY_DELTA case
  • Support Amazon DynamoDB monitoring.
  • Support prometheus HTTP API and promQL.
  • Scope in the Entity of Metrics query v1 protocol is not required and automatical correction. The scope is determined based on the metric itself.
  • Add explicit ReadTimeout for ConsulConfigurationWatcher to avoid IllegalArgumentException: Cache watchInterval=10sec >= networkClientReadTimeout=10000ms.
  • Fix DurationUtils.getDurationPoints exceed, when startTimeBucket equals endTimeBucket.
  • Support process OpenTelemetry ExponentialHistogram metrics
  • Add FreeRedis component ID(3018).


  • Add Zipkin Lens UI to webapp, and proxy it to context path /zipkin.
  • Migrate the build tool from vue cli to Vite4.
  • Fix Instance Relation and Endpoint Relation dashboards show up.
  • Add Micrometer icon.
  • Update MySQL UI to support MariaDB.
  • Add AWS menu for supporting AWS monitoring.
  • Add missing FastAPI logo.
  • Update the log details page to support the formatted display of JSON content.
  • Fix build config.
  • Avoid being unable to drag process nodes for the first time.
  • Add node folder into ignore list.
  • Add ElPopconfirm to component types.
  • Add an iframe widget for zipkin UI.
  • Optimize graph tooltips to make them more friendly.
  • Bump json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2.
  • Add websockets icon.
  • Implement independent mode for widgets.
  • Bump http-cache-semantics from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1.
  • Update menus for OpenFunction.
  • Add auto fresh to widgets independent mode.
  • Fix: clear trace ID on the Log and Trace widgets after using association.
  • Fix: reset duration for query conditions after time range changes.
  • Add AWS S3 menu.
  • Refactor: optimize side bar component to make it more friendly.
  • Fix: remove duplicate popup message for query result.
  • Add logo for HTTPX.
  • Refactor: optimize the attached events visualization in the trace widget.
  • Update BanyanDB client to 0.3.1.
  • Add AWS DynamoDB menu.
  • Fix: add auto period to the independent mode for widgets.
  • Optimize menus and add Windows monitoring menu.
  • Add a calculation for the cpm5dAvg.
  • add a cpm5d calculation.
  • Fix data processing error in the eBPF profiling widget.
  • Support for double quotes in SlowSQL statements.
  • Fix: the wrong position of the menu when clicking the topology node.


  • Remove Spring Sleuth docs, and add Spring MicroMeter Observations Analysis with the latest Java agent side enhancement.
  • Update monitoring MySQL document to add the MariaDB part.
  • Reorganize the protocols docs to a more clear API docs.
  • Add documentation about replacing Zipkin server with SkyWalking OAP.
  • Add Lens UI relative docs in Zipkin trace section.
  • Add Profiling APIs.
  • Fix backend telemetry doc and so11y dashboard doc as the OAP Prometheus fetcher was removed since 9.3.0

All issues and pull requests are here