• Support Kafka as an optional trace, JVM metrics, profiling snapshots and meter system data transport layer.
  • Support Meter system, including the native metrics APIs and the Spring Sleuth adoption.
  • Support JVM thread metrics.

Java Agent

  • [Core] Fix the concurrency access bug in the Concurrency ClassLoader Case.
  • [Core] Separate the config of the plugins from the core level.
  • [Core] Support instrumented class cached in memory or file, to be compatible with other agents, such as Arthas.
  • Add logic endpoint concept. Could analysis any span or tags flagged by the logic endpoint.
  • Add Spring annotation component name for UI visualization only.
  • Add support to trace Call procedures in MySQL plugin.
  • Support GraphQL plugin.
  • Support Quasar fiber plugin.
  • Support InfluxDB java client plugin.
  • Support brpc java plugin
  • Support ConsoleAppender in the logback v1 plugin.
  • Enhance vert.x endpoint names.
  • Optimize the code to prevent mongo statements from being too long.
  • Fix WebFlux plugin concurrency access bug.
  • Fix ShardingSphere plugins internal conflicts.
  • Fix duplicated Spring MVC endpoint.
  • Fix lettuce plugin sometimes trace doesn‘t show span layer.
  • Fix @Tag returnedObject bug.


  • Support Jetty Server advanced configurations.
  • Support label based filter in the prometheus fetcher and OpenCensus receiver.
  • Support using k8s configmap as the configuration center.
  • Support OAP health check, and storage module health check.
  • Support sampling rate in the dynamic configuration.
  • Add endpoint_relation_sla and endpoint_relation_percentile for endpoint relationship metrics.
  • Add components for Python plugins, including Kafka, Tornado, Redis, Django, PyMysql.
  • Add components for Golang SDK.
  • Add Nacos 1.3.1 back as an optional cluster coordinator and dynamic configuration center.
  • Enhance the metrics query for ElasticSearch implementation to increase the stability.
  • Reduce the length of storage entity names in the self-observability for MySQL and TiDB storage.
  • Fix labels are missing in Prometheus analysis context.
  • Fix column length issue in MySQL/TiDB storage.
  • Fix no data in 2nd level aggregation in self-observability.
  • Fix searchService bug in ES implementation.
  • Fix wrong validation of endpoint relation entity query.
  • Fix the bug caused by the OAL debug flag.
  • Fix endpoint dependency bug in MQ and uninstrumented proxy cases.
  • Fix time bucket conversion issue in the InfluxDB storage implementation.
  • Update k8s client to 8.0.0


  • Support endpoint dependency graph.
  • Support x-scroll of trace/profile page
  • Fix database selector issue.
  • Add the bar chart in the UI templates.


  • Update the user logo wall.
  • Add backend configuration vocabulary document.
  • Add agent installation doc for Tomcat9 on Windows.
  • Add istioctl ALS commands for the document.
  • Fix TTL documentation.
  • Add FAQ doc about thread instrumentation.


  • Fix fuzzy query sql injection in the MySQL/TiDB storage.

All issues and pull requests are here