• v3 protocol is added and implemented. All previous releases are incompatible with 8.x releases.
  • Service, Instance, Endpoint register mechanism and inventory storage entities are removed.
  • New GraphQL query protocol is provided, the legacy protocol is still supported(plan to remove at the end of this year).
  • Support Prometheus network protocol. Metrics in Prometheus format could be transferred into SkyWalking.
  • Python agent provided.
  • All inventory caches have been removed.
  • Apache ShardingSphere(4.1.0, 4.1.1) agent plugin provided.

Java Agent

  • Add MariaDB plugin.
  • Vert.x plugin enhancement. More cases are covered.
  • Support v3 extension header.
  • Fix ElasticSearch 5.x plugin TransportClient error.
  • Support Correlation protocol v1.
  • Fix Finagle plugin bug, in processing Noop Span.
  • Make CommandService daemon to avoid blocking target application shutting down gracefully.
  • Refactor spring cloud gateway plugin and support tracing spring cloud gateway 2.2.x


  • Support meter system for Prometheus adoption. In future releases, we will add native meter APIs and MicroMeter(Sleuth) system.
  • Support endpoint grouping.
  • Add SuperDataSet annotation for storage entity.
  • Add superDatasetIndexShardsFactor in the ElasticSearch storage, to provide more shards for @SuperDataSet annotated entites. Typically TraceSegment.
  • Support alarm settings for relationship of service, instance, and endpoint level metrics.
  • Support alarm settings for database(conjecture node in tracing scenario).
  • Data Model could be added in the runtime, don’t depend on the bootstrap sequence anymore.
  • Reduce the memory cost, due to no inventory caches.
  • No buffer files in tracing and service mesh cases.
  • New ReadWriteSafe cache implementation. Simplify codes.
  • Provide default way for metrics query, even the metrics doesn’t exist.
  • New GraphQL query protocol is provided. Support the metrics type query.
  • Set up length rule of service, instance, and endpoint.
  • Adjust the default jks for ElasticSearch to empty.
  • Fix Apdex function integer overflow issue.
  • Fix profile storage issue.
  • Fix TTL issue.
  • Fix H2 column type bug.
  • Add JRE 8-14 test for the backend.


  • UI dashboard is 100% configurable to adopt new metrics definited in the backend.


  • Add v8 upgrade document.
  • Make the coverage accurate including UT and e2e tests.
  • Add miss doc about collecting parameters in the profiled traces.


  • Fix SQL Injection vulnerability in H2/MySQL implementation.
  • Upgrade Nacos to avoid the FastJson CVE in high frequency.
  • Upgrade jasckson-databind to 2.9.10.

All issues and pull requests are here