• SkyWalking discards the supports of JDK 1.6 and 1.7 on the java agent side. The minimal requirement of JDK is JDK8.
  • Support method performance profile.
  • Provide new E2E test framework.
  • Remove AppVeyor from the CI, use GitHub action only.
  • Provide new plugin test tool.
  • Don’t support SkyWalking v5 agent in-wire and out-wire protocol. v6 is required.

Java Agent

  • Add lazy injection API in the agent core.
  • Support Servlet 2.5 in the Struts plugin.
  • Fix RestTemplate plugin ClassCastException in the Async call.
  • Add Finagle plugin.
  • Add test cases of H2 and struts.
  • Add Armeria 0.98 plugin.
  • Fix ElasticSearch plugin bug.
  • Fix EHCache plugin bug.
  • Fix a potential I/O leak.
  • Support Oracle SID mode.
  • Update Byte-buddy core.
  • Performance tuning: replace AtomicInteger with AtomicIntegerFieldUpdater.
  • Add AVRO plugin.
  • Update to JDK 1.8
  • Optimize the ignore plugin.
  • Enhance the gRPC plugin.
  • Add Kotlin Coroutine plugin.
  • Support HTTP parameter collection in Tomcat and SpringMVC plugin.
  • Add @Tag annotation in the application toolkit.
  • Move Lettuce into the default plugin list.
  • Move Webflux into the default plugin list.
  • Add HttpClient 3.x plugin.


  • Support InfluxDB as a new storage option.
  • Add selector in the application.yml. Make the provider activation more flexible through System ENV.
  • Support sub-topology map query.
  • Support gRPC SSL.
  • Support HTTP protocol for agent.
  • Support Nginx LUA agent.
  • Support skip the instance relationship analysis if some agents doesn’t have upstream address, currently for LUA agent.
  • Support metrics entity name in the storage. Optional, default OFF.
  • Merge the HOUR and DAY metrics into MINUTE in the ElasticSearch storage implementation. Reduce the payload for ElasticSearch server.
  • Support change detection mechanism in DCS.
  • Support Daily step in the ElasticSearch storage implementation for low traffic system.
  • Provide profile export tool.
  • Support alarm gRPC hook.
  • Fix PHP language doesn’t show up on the instance page.
  • Add more comments in the source codes.
  • Add a new metrics type, multiple linears.
  • Fix thread concurrency issue in the alarm core.


  • Support custom topology definition.


  • Add FAQ about python2 command required in the compiling.
  • Add doc about new e2e framework.
  • Add doc about the new profile feature.
  • Powered-by page updated.

All issues and pull requests are here