First and most important thing is, SkyWalking Satellite startup behaviours are driven by configs/satellite_config.yaml. Understanding the setting file will help you to read this document.

Requirements and default settings

Before you start, you should know that the main purpose of quickstart is to help you obtain a basic configuration for previews/demo. Performance and long-term running are not our goals.

You can use bin/ (or cmd) to start up the satellite with their default settings, set out as follows:

  • Receive SkyWalking related protocols through grpc(listens on and transmit them to SkyWalking backend(to
  • Expose Self-Observability telemetry data to Prometheus(listens on

Startup script

Startup Script



You can quickly build your satellite according to the following examples:


  1. Deploy on Linux and Windows
  2. Deploy on Kubernetes

More Use Cases

  1. Transmit Log to Kafka
  2. Enable/Disable Channel


The core concept behind this setting file is, SkyWalking Satellite is based on pure modularization design. End user can switch or assemble the collector features by their own requirements.

So, in satellite_config.yaml, there are three parts.

  1. The common configurations.
  2. The sharing plugin configurations.
  3. The pipe plugin configurations.
  1. Overriding settings in satellite_config.yaml is supported


  1. ALS Load Balance.