ALS Load Balance

Using satellite as a load balancer in envoy and OAP can effectively prevent the problem of unbalanced messages received by OAP.

In this case, we mainly use memory queues for intermediate data storage.

Deference Envoy Count, OAP performance could impact the Satellite transmit performance.

Envoy Instance Concurrent User ALS OPS Satellite CPU Satellite Memory
150 100 ~50K 1.2C 0.5-1.0G
150 300 ~80K 1.8C 1.0-1.5G
300 100 ~50K 1.4C 0.8-1.2G
300 300 ~100K 2.2C 1.3-2.0G
800 100 ~50K 1.5C 0.9-1.5G
800 300 ~100K 2.6C 1.7-2.7G
1500 100 ~50K 1.7C 1.4-2.4G
1500 300 ~100K 2.7C 2.3-3.0G
2300 150 ~50K 1.8C 1.9-3.1G
2300 300 ~90K 2.5C 2.3-4.0G
2300 500 ~110K 3.2C 2.8-4.7G



Using GKE Environment, helm to build cluster.

Module Version Replicate Count CPU Limit Memory Limit Description
OAP 8.9.0 6 12C 32Gi Using ElasticSearch as Storage
Satellite 0.4.0 1 8C 16Gi
ElasticSearch 7.5.1 3 8 16Gi


800 Envoy, 100K QPS ALS.

Module Environment Config Use Value Default Value Description Recommend Value
Satellite SATELLITE_QUEUE_PARTITION 50 4 Support several goroutines concurrently to consume the queue Satellite CPU number * 4-6, It could help improve throughput, but the default value also could handle 800 Envoy Instance and 100K QPS ALS message.
Satellite SATELLITE_QUEUE_EVENT_BUFFER_SIZE 3000 1000 The size of the queue in each concurrency This is related to the number of Envoys. If the number of Envoys is large, it is recommended to increase the value.
Satellite SATELLITE_ENVOY_ALS_V3_PIPE_RECEIVER_FLUSH_TIME 3000 1000 When the Satellite receives the message, how long(millisecond) will the ALS message be merged into an Event. If a certain time delay is accepted, the value can be adjusted larger, which can effectively reduce CPU usage and make the Satellite more stable
Satellite SATELLITE_ENVOY_ALS_V3_PIPE_SENDER_FLUSH_TIME 3000 1000 How long(millisecond) is the memory queue data for each Goroutine to be summarized and sent to OAP This depends on the amount of data in your queue, you can keep it consistent with SATELLITE_ENVOY_ALS_V3_PIPE_RECEIVER_FLUSH_TIME
OAP SW_CORE_GRPC_MAX_CONCURRENT_CALL 50 4 A link between Satellite and OAP, how many requests parallelism is supported Same with SATELLITE_QUEUE_PARTITION in Satellite