Deploy on Kubernetes

It could help you run the Satellite as a gateway in Kubernetes environment.


We recommend install the Satellite by helm, follow command below, it could start the latest release version of SkyWalking Backend, UI and Satellite.

export SKYWALKING_RELEASE_NAME=skywalking  # change the release name according to your scenario
export SKYWALKING_RELEASE_NAMESPACE=default  # change the namespace to where you want to install SkyWalking
export REPO=skywalking

helm repo add ${REPO}                                
  --set oap.image.tag=8.8.1 \
  --set oap.storageType=elasticsearch \
  --set ui.image.tag=8.8.1 \
  --set elasticsearch.imageTag=6.8.6 \
  --set satellite.enabled=true \
  --set satellite.image.tag=v0.4.0

Change Address

After the Satellite and Backend started, need to change the address from agent/node. Then the satellite could load balance the request from agent/node to OAP backend.

Such as in Java Agent, you should change the property value in collector.backend_service forward to this: skywalking-satellite.${SKYWALKING_RELEASE_NAMESPACE}:11800.