Design Goals

The document outlines the core design goals for SkyWalking Satellite project.

  • Light Weight. SkyWalking Satellite has a limited cost for resources and high-performance because of the requirements of the sidecar deployment model.

  • Pluggability. SkyWalking Satellite core team provides many default implementations, but definitely it is not enough, and also don’t fit every scenario. So, we provide a lot of features for being pluggable.

  • Portability. SkyWalking Satellite can run in multiple environments, including:

    • Use traditional deployment as a daemon process to collect data.
    • Use cloud services as a sidecar, such as in the Kubernetes platform.
  • Interoperability. Observability is a big landscape, SkyWalking is impossible to support all, even by its community. So SkyWalking Satellite is compatible with many protocols, including:

    • SkyWalking protocol
    • (WIP) Prometheus protocol.