SkyWalking Python Agent

This is the official documentation of SkyWalking Python agent. Welcome to the SkyWalking community!

The Python Agent for Apache SkyWalking provides the native tracing/metrics/logging/profiling abilities for Python projects.

This documentation covers a number of ways to set up the Python agent for various use cases.

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The following table demonstrates the currently supported telemetry collection capabilities in SkyWalking Python agent:

Reporter Supported? Details
Trace ✅ (default: ON) Automatic instrumentation + Manual SDK
Log ✅ (default: ON) Direct reporter only. (Tracing context in log planned)
Meter ✅ (default: ON) Meter API + Automatic PVM metrics
Event ❌ (Planned) Report lifecycle events of your awesome Python application
Profiling ✅ (default: ON) Threading and Greenlet Profiler

Live Demo

  • Find the live demo with Python agent on our website.
  • Follow the showcase to set up preview deployment quickly.