SkyWalking Python agent requires SkyWalking 8.0+ and Python 3.7+

You can install the SkyWalking Python agent via various ways described next.

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All available configurations are listed here

Important Note on Different Reporter Protocols

Currently only gRPC protocol fully supports all available telemetry capabilities in the Python agent.

While gRPC is highly recommended, we provide alternative protocols to suit your production requirements.

Please refer to the table below before deciding which report protocol suits best for you.

Reporter Protocol Trace Reporter Log Reporter Meter Reporter Profiling

From PyPI

If you want to try out the latest features that are not released yet, please refer to this guide to build from sources.

The Python agent module is published to PyPI, from where you can use pip to install:

# Install the latest version, using the default gRPC protocol to report data to OAP
pip install "apache-skywalking"

# Install support for every protocol (gRPC, HTTP, Kafka)
pip install "apache-skywalking[all]"

# Install the latest version, using the http protocol to report data to OAP
pip install "apache-skywalking[http]"

# Install the latest version, using the kafka protocol to report data to OAP
pip install "apache-skywalking[kafka]"

# Install a specific version x.y.z
# pip install apache-skywalking==x.y.z
pip install apache-skywalking==0.1.0  # For example, install version 0.1.0 no matter what the latest version is

From Docker Hub

SkyWalking Python agent provides convenient dockerfile and images for easy integration utilizing its auto-bootstrap capability.

Simply pull SkyWalking Python image from Docker Hub based on desired agent version, protocol and Python version.

FROM apache/skywalking-python:0.8.0-grpc-py3.10

# ... build your Python application

# If you prefer compact images (built from official Python slim image)

FROM apache/skywalking-python:0.8.0-grpc-py3.10-slim

# ... build your Python application

Then, You can build your Python application image based on our agent-enabled Python images and start your applications with SkyWalking agent enabled for you. Please refer to our Containerization Guide for further instructions on integration and configuring.

From Source Code

Please refer to the How-to-build-from-sources FAQ.