Apache SkyWalking Python Agent dockerfile and images

Docker images are not official ASF releases but provided for convenience. Recommended usage is always to build the source

This image hosts the SkyWalking Python agent package on top of official Python base images (full & slim) providing support from Python 3.7 - 3.11.

How to use this image

The images are hosted at Docker Hub.

The images come with protocol variants(gRPC, Kafka, HTTP) and base Python variants(Full, Slim).

Build your Python application image on top of this image

Start by pulling the skywalking-python image as the base of your application image. Refer to Docker Hub for the list of tags available.

FROM apache/skywalking-python:1.1.0-grpc-py3.10

# ... build your Python application

You could start your Python application with CMD. The Python image already sets an entry point ENTRYPOINT ["sw-python"].

For example - CMD ['run', '-p', 'gunicorn', 'app.wsgi'] -p is always needed when using with Gunicorn/uWSGI -> This will be translated to sw-python run -p gunicorn app.wsgi

You don’t need to care about enabling the SkyWalking Python agent manually, it should be adopted and bootstrapped automatically through the sw-python CLI.

Environment variables should be provided to customize the agent behavior.

Build an image from the dockerfile

Provide the following arguments to build your own image from the dockerfile.

BASE_PYTHON_IMAGE # the Python base image to build upon
SW_PYTHON_AGENT_VERSION # agent version to be pulled from PyPI
SW_PYTHON_AGENT_PROTOCOL # agent protocol - grpc/ http/ kafka