Coding Style for SkyWalking Python

String formatting

Since Python 3.5 is end of life, we fully utilize the clarity and performance boost brought by f-strings. Please do not use other styles - +, % or .format unless f-string is absolutely unfeasible in the context, or it is a logger message, which is optimized for the % style

Run make dev-fix to invoke flynt to convert other formats to f-string, pay extra care to possible corner cases leading to a semantically different conversion.


As we know both single quotes and double quotes are both acceptable in Python. For a better coding style, we enforce a check for using single quotes when possible.

Please only use double quotes on the outside when there are inevitable single quotes inside the string, or when there are nest quotes.

For example -

foo = f"I'm a string"
bar = f"This repo is called 'skywalking-python'"

Run make dev-fix to invoke unify to deal with your quotes if flake8 complaints about it.

Debug messages

Please import the logger_debug_enabled variable and wrap your debug messages with a check.

This should be done for all performance critical components.

if logger_debug_enabled:
    logger.debug('Message - %s', some_func())


Please make sure the imports are placed in a good order, or flake8-isort will notify you of the violations.

Run make dev-fix to automatically fix the sorting problem.


In PEP8 convention, we are required to use snake_case as the accepted style.

However, there are special cases. For example, you are overriding/monkey-patching a method which happens to use the old style camelCase naming, then it is acceptable to have the original naming convention to preserve context.

Please mark the line with # noqa to avoid linting.