[Video] Distributed tracing demo using Apache SkyWalking and Kong API Gateway

Kongcast Episode 20 - Distributed Tracing on Kubernetes

Observability essential when working with distributed systems. Built on 3 pillars of metrics, logging and tracing, having the right tools in place to quickly identify and determine the root cause of an issue in production is imperative. In this Kongcast interview, we explore the benefits of having observability and demo the use of Apache SkyWalking. We walk through the capabilities that SkyWalking offers out of the box and debug a common HTTP 500 error using the tool.

Andrew Kew is interviewed by Viktor Gamov, a developer advocate at Kong Inc

Andrew is a highly passionate technologist with over 16 valuable years experience in building server side and cloud applications. Having spent the majority of his time in the Financial Services domain, his meritocratic rise to CTO of an Algorithmic Trading firm allowed him to not only steer the business from a technology standpoint, but build robust and scalable trading algorithms. His mantra is “right first time”, thus ensuring the projects or clients he is involved in are left in a better place than they were before he arrived.

He is the founder of a boutique software consultancy in the United Kingdom, QuadCorps Ltd, working in the API and Integration Ecosystem space and is currently on a residency programme at Kong Inc as a senior field engineer and technical account manager working across many of their enterprise strategic accounts.