3 Apr 2018

Dowload the SkyWalking releases

Use the links below to download the Apache SkyWalking (incubating) from one of our mirrors.

Stable Release - Latest Version


Released at April 3rd, 2018

PGP signatures KEYS

Changes in lastest Version

Agent -> Collector protocol

  • Remove C++ keywords
  • Move Ref into Span from Segment
  • Add span type, when register an operation

UI -> Collector GraphQL query protocol

  • First version protocol

Agent Changes

  • Support gRPC 1.x plugin
  • Support kafka 0.11 and 1.x plugin
  • Support ServiceComb 0.x plugin
  • Support optional plugin mechanism.
  • Support Spring 3.x and 4.x bean annotation optional plugin
  • Support Apache httpcomponent AsyncClient 4.x plugin
  • Provide automatic agent daily tests, and release reports here.
  • Refactor Postgresql, Oracle, MySQL plugin for compatible.
  • Fix jetty client 9 plugin error
  • Fix async APIs of okhttp plugin error
  • Fix log config didn’t work
  • Fix a class loader error in okhttp plugin

Collector Changes

  • Support metrics analysis and aggregation for application, application instance and service in minute, hour, day and month.
  • Support new GraphQL query protocol
  • Support alarm
  • Provide a prototype instrument for collector.
  • Support node speculate in cluster and application topology. (Provider Node -> Consumer Node) -> (Provider Node -> MQ Server -> Consumer Node)

UI Changes

  • New 5.0.0 UI!!!

Issues and Pull requests

Verify the releases

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP or SHA signatures. The PGP signatures can be verified using GPG or PGP. Please download the KEYS as well as the asc signature files for relevant distribution. It is recommended to get these files from the main distribution directory and not from the mirrors.

gpg -i KEYS


pgpk -a KEYS


pgp -ka KEYS

To verify the binaries/sources you can download the relevant asc files for it from main distribution directory and follow the below guide.

gpg --verify apache-skywalking-apm-incubating********.asc apache-skywalking-apm-incubating*********


pgpv apache-skywalking-apm-incubating********.asc


pgp apache-skywalking-apm-incubating********.asc

Old releases

All Changes

Changes document.