What is SkyWalking?

Apache SkyWalking (incubating)

is an application performance monitor system
based on distributed tracing

APM (application performance monitor) tool for distributed systems, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Docker, K8s, Mesos) architectures. Underlying technology is a distributed tracing system.

Project Events

Release Apache SkyWalking APM 5

Fully functional APM system. Improve streaming analysis and provide a whole new UI.

Mar. 2018
SkyWalking APM

SkyWalking 3 released as an APM.

More data collected, and support streaming analysis and aggregation in Collector.

May. 2017
SkyWalking tracer -> SkyWalking APM

2.0 released

SkyWalking provides formal agent,
as a result, no need to change the target application's source codes.
Also, don't depend on HBase.

Sep. 2016
Java agent born.

Embrace CNCF OpenTracing

SkyWalking agent supports OpenTracing Spec 1.0

May. 2016
SkyWalking + OpenTracing

1.0 released

SkyWalking provides manual instrument SDK and uses HBase Storage.
Just only a distributed tracing system.

Dec. 2015
First release.

Project created

Create and Open SkyWalking project by Sheng Wu 吴晟

Sep. 2015
Story begins


Sass and Less support

Easy is Best.

- Just need JDK and Elasticsearch.
- No need Hadoop, Hbase or Cassandra,
which are good, but hard to deploy and maintain.

Responsive across devices

Fast is Best.

- Analysis models are based on Streaming.
Collector analysis and aggregates data in real time.
- Better for alarm and UI performance.


Integration and Bridge mode

- Provide log4j, log4j2, logback plugins for outputing tracing context (e.g. traceid).
Search logs from trace, if you have log-collect system, like ELK.
- @Trace any method.


Global and Open

- Working with 3-part agent by SkyWalking Trace Data Protocol.
- Support OpenTracing-java.

GitHub Repositories

Apache SkyWalking

SkyWalking project main repository

Apache SkyWalking UI

SkyWalking UI repository