Install SkyWalking Infra E2E

Download pre-built binaries

Download the pre-built binaries from our website, currently we have pre-built binaries for macOS, Linux and Windows. Extract the tarball and add bin/<os>/e2e to you PATH environment variable.

Install from source codes

If you want to try some features that are not released yet, you can compile from the source code.

mkdir skywalking-infra-e2e && cd skywalking-infra-e2e
git clone .
make build

Then add the binary in bin/<os>/e2e to your PATH.

Install via go install

If you already have Go SDK installed, you can also directly install e2e via go install.

go install<revision>

Note that installation via go install is only supported after Git commit 2a33478 so you can only go install a revision afterwards.