Windows Monitoring

SkyWalking leverages Prometheus windows_exporter to collect metrics data from the Windows and leverages OpenTelemetry Collector to transfer the metrics to OpenTelemetry receiver and into the Meter System. Windows entity as a Service in OAP and on the Layer: OS_WINDOWS.

Data flow

For OpenTelemetry receiver:

  1. The Prometheus windows_exporter collects metrics data from the VMs.
  2. The OpenTelemetry Collector fetches metrics from windows_exporter via Prometheus Receiver and pushes metrics to the SkyWalking OAP Server via the OpenCensus gRPC Exporter or OpenTelemetry gRPC exporter.
  3. The SkyWalking OAP Server parses the expression with MAL to filter/calculate/aggregate and store the results.


For OpenTelemetry receiver:

  1. Setup Prometheus windows_exporter.
  2. Setup OpenTelemetry Collector . This is an example for OpenTelemetry Collector configuration otel-collector-config.yaml.
  3. Config SkyWalking OpenTelemetry receiver.

Supported Metrics

Monitoring Panel Unit Metric Name Description Data Source
CPU Usage % meter_win_cpu_total_percentage The total percentage usage of the CPU core. If there are 2 cores, the maximum usage is 200%. Prometheus windows_exporter
Memory RAM Usage MB meter_win_memory_used The total RAM usage Prometheus windows_exporter
Memory Swap Usage % meter_win_memory_swap_percentage The percentage usage of swap memory Prometheus windows_exporter
CPU Average Used % meter_win_cpu_average_used The percentage usage of the CPU core in each mode Prometheus windows_exporter
Memory RAM MB meter_win_memory_total
The RAM statistics, including Total / Available / Used Prometheus windows_exporter
Memory Swap MB meter_win_memory_swap_free
Swap memory statistics, including Free / Total Prometheus windows_exporter
Disk R/W KB/s meter_win_disk_read,meter_win_disk_written The disk read and written Prometheus windows_exporter
Network Bandwidth Usage KB/s meter_win_network_receive
The network receive and transmit Prometheus windows_exporter


You can customize your own metrics/expression/dashboard panel. The metrics definition and expression rules are found in /config/otel-rules/windows.yaml. The dashboard panel confirmations are found in /config/ui-initialized-templates/os_windows.