Observability Analysis Platform

SkyWalking is an Observability Analysis Platform that provides full observability to services running in both brown and green zones, as well as services using a hybrid model.


SkyWalking covers all 3 areas of observability, including, Tracing, Metrics and Logging.

  • Tracing. SkyWalking native data formats, including Zipkin v1 and v2, as well as Jaeger.
  • Metrics. SkyWalking integrates with Service Mesh platforms, such as Istio, Envoy, and Linkerd, to build observability into the data plane or control plane. Also, SkyWalking native agents can run in the metrics mode, which greatly improves performances.
  • Logging. Includes logs collected from disk or through network. Native agents could bind the tracing context with logs automatically, or use SkyWalking to bind the trace and log through the text content.

There are 3 powerful and native language engines designed to analyze observability data from the above areas.

  1. Observability Analysis Language processes native traces and service mesh data.
  2. Meter Analysis Language is responsible for metrics calculation for native meter data, and adopts a stable and widely used metrics system, such as Prometheus and OpenTelemetry.
  3. Log Analysis Language focuses on log contents and collaborate with Meter Analysis Language.