[Video] SourceMarker - Continuous Feedback for Developers

ApacheCon@Home 2020 Observability Track

Today’s monitoring solutions are geared towards operational tasks, displaying behavior as time-series graphs inside dashboards and other abstractions. These abstractions are immensely useful but are largely designed for software operators, whose responsibilities require them to think in systems, rather than the underlying source code. This is problematic given that an ongoing trend of software development is the blurring boundaries between building and operating software. This trend makes it increasingly necessary for programming environments to not just support development-centric activities, but operation-centric activities as well. Such is the goal of the feedback-driven development approach. By combining IDE and APM technology, software developers can intuitively explore multiple dimensions of their software simultaneously with continuous feedback about their software from inception to production.

Brandon Fergerson is an open-source software developer who does not regard himself as a specialist in the field of programming, but rather as someone who is a devoted admirer. He discovered the beauty of programming at a young age and views programming as an art and those who do it well to be artists. He has an affinity towards getting meta and combining that with admiration of programming, has found source code analysis to be exceptionally interesting. Lately, his primary focus involves researching and building AI-based pair programming technology.