Linux Monitoring

SkyWalking leverages Prometheus node-exporter to collect metrics data from the VMs, and leverages OpenTelemetry Collector to transfer the metrics to OpenTelemetry receiver and into the Meter System.
VM entity as a Service in OAP, and on the Layer: OS_LINUX.

Data flow

  1. The Prometheus node-exporter collects metrics data from the VMs.
  2. The OpenTelemetry Collector fetches metrics from node-exporter via Prometheus Receiver and pushes metrics to the SkyWalking OAP Server via the OpenCensus gRPC Exporter.
  3. The SkyWalking OAP Server parses the expression with MAL to filter/calculate/aggregate and store the results.


  1. Setup Prometheus node-exporter.
  2. Setup OpenTelemetry Collector . This is an example for OpenTelemetry Collector configuration otel-collector-config.yaml.
  3. Config SkyWalking OpenTelemetry receiver.

Supported Metrics

Monitoring Panel Unit Metric Name Description Data Source
CPU Usage % cpu_total_percentage The total percentage usage of the CPU core. If there are 2 cores, the maximum usage is 200%. Prometheus node-exporter
Memory RAM Usage MB meter_vm_memory_used The total RAM usage Prometheus node-exporter
Memory Swap Usage % meter_vm_memory_swap_percentage The percentage usage of swap memory Prometheus node-exporter
CPU Average Used % meter_vm_cpu_average_used The percentage usage of the CPU core in each mode Prometheus node-exporter
CPU Load meter_vm_cpu_load1
The CPU 1m / 5m / 15m average load Prometheus node-exporter
Memory RAM MB meter_vm_memory_total
The RAM statistics, including Total / Available / Used Prometheus node-exporter
Memory Swap MB meter_vm_memory_swap_free
Swap memory statistics, including Free / Total Prometheus node-exporter
File System Mountpoint Usage % meter_vm_filesystem_percentage The percentage usage of the file system at each mount point Prometheus node-exporter
Disk R/W KB/s meter_vm_disk_read,meter_vm_disk_written The disk read and written Prometheus node-exporter
Network Bandwidth Usage KB/s meter_vm_network_receive
The network receive and transmit Prometheus node-exporter
Network Status meter_vm_tcp_curr_estab
The number of TCPs established / TCP time wait / TCPs allocated / sockets in use / UDPs in use Prometheus node-exporter
Filefd Allocated meter_vm_filefd_allocated The number of file descriptors allocated Prometheus node-exporter


You can customize your own metrics/expression/dashboard panel.
The metrics definition and expression rules are found in /config/otel-oc-rules/vm.yaml.
The dashboard panel confirmations are found in /config/ui-initialized-templates/os_linux.


For more details, see blog article SkyWalking 8.4 provides infrastructure monitoring.