Service Auto Grouping

SkyWalking supports various default and customized dashboard templates. Each template provides the reasonable layout for the services in the particular field. Such as, services with a language agent installed could have different metrics with service detected by the service mesh observability solution, and different with SkyWalking’s self-observability metrics dashboard.

Therefore, since 8.3.0, SkyWalking OAP would generate the group based on this simple naming format.

${service name} = [${group name}::]${logic name}

Once the service name includes double colons(::), the literal string before the colons would be considered as the group name. In the latest GraphQL query, the group name has been provided as an option parameter.

getAllServices(duration: Duration!, group: String): [Service!]!

RocketBot UI dashboards(Standard type) support the group name for default and custom configurations.