Support Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a very common security way when transport data through Internet. In some use cases, end users report the background:

Target(under monitoring) applications are in a region, which also named VPC, at the same time, the SkyWalking backend is in another region (VPC).

Because of that, security requirement is very obvious.

Authentication Mode

Only support no mutual auth.

  • Use this script if you are not familiar with how to generate key files.
  • Find ca.crt, and use it at client side
  • Find server.crt ,server.pem and ca.crt. Use them at server side. Please refer to gRPC SSL for more details.

Open and config TLS

Agent config

  • Place ca.crt into /ca folder in agent package. Notice, /ca is not created in distribution, please create it by yourself.

  • Agent open TLS automatically after the /ca/ca.crt file detected.

  • TLS with no CA mode could be activated by this setting.