The document explains how to install Skywalking based on the kind of probes you are going to use. If you don’t understand, please read Concepts and Designs first.

Important: Don’t forget to configure the timezone on your UI, and you also need to be sure your OAP backend servers are also using the same timezone.

If you have any issues, please check that your issue is not already described in the FAQ.

Download official releases

Language agents in Service

  • Java agent. Introduces how to install java agent to your service, without any impact in your code.

  • LUA agent. Introduce how to install the lua agent in Nginx + LUA module or OpenResty.

  • Python Agent. Introduce how to install the Python Agent in a Python service.

  • Node.js agent. Introduce how to install the NodeJS Agent in a NodeJS service.

The following agents and SDKs are compatible with the SkyWalking’s data formats and network protocols, but are maintained by 3rd-parties. You can go to their project repositories for additional info about guides and releases.

Browser Monitoring

Apache SkyWalking Client JS. Support collecting metrics and error logs for the Browser or JavaScript based mobile app.

Note, make sure the receiver-browser has been opened, default is ON since 8.2.0.

Service Mesh


Setup backend

Follow backend and UI setup document to understand how the backend and UI configuration works. Different scenarios and advanced features are also explained.

Changes log

Backend, UI and Java agent changes are available here.