Token Authentication

Supported version


Why need token authentication after we have TLS?

TLS is about transport security, which makes sure the network can be trusted. The token authentication is about monitoring application data can be trusted.


In current version, Token is considered as a simple string.

Set Token

  1. Set token in agent.config file
# Authentication active is based on backend setting, see application.yml for more details.
agent.authentication = ${SW_AGENT_AUTHENTICATION:xxxx}
  1. Set token in application.yml file
    authentication: ${SW_AUTHENTICATION:""}

Authentication fails

The Skywalking OAP verifies every request from agent, only allows requests whose token matches the one configured in application.yml.

If the token is not right, you will see the following log in agent PERMISSION_DENIED


Can I use token authentication instead of TLS?

No, you shouldn’t. In tech way, you can of course, but token and TLS are used for untrusted network env. In that circumstance, TLS has higher priority than this. Token can be trusted only under TLS protection.Token can be stolen easily if you send it through a non-TLS network.

Do you support other authentication mechanisms? Such as ak/sk?

For now, no. But we appreciate someone contributes this feature.