Using E2E local remote debugging

The E2E remote debugging port of service containers is 5005. If the developer wants to use remote debugging, he needs to add remote debugging parameters to the start service command, and then expose the port 5005.

For example, this is the configuration of a container in the skywalking/test/e2e/e2e-test/docker/base-compose.yml. JAVA_OPTS is a preset variable for passing additional parameters in the AOP service startup command, so we only need to add the JAVA remote debugging parameters agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005 to the configuration and exposes the port 5005.

    image: skywalking/oap:latest
      - 5005
      JAVA_OPTS: >-

At last, if the E2E test failed and is retrying, the developer can get the ports mapping in the file skywalking/test/e2e/e2e-test/remote_real_port and selects the host port of the corresponding service for remote debugging. For example,


#The remote debugging port on the host is 32783

#The remote debugging port on the host is 32782