Observability Analysis Platform

OAP(Observability Analysis Platform) is a new concept, which starts in SkyWalking 6.x. OAP replaces the old SkyWalking whole backend. The capabilities of the platform are following.

OAP capabilities

OAP accepts data from more sources, which belongs two groups: Tracing and Metrics.

  • Tracing. Including, SkyWalking native data formats. Zipkin v1,v2 data formats and Jaeger data formats.
  • Metrics. SkyWalking integrates with Service Mesh platforms, such as Istio, Envoy, Linkerd, to provide observability from data panel or control panel. Also, SkyWalking native agents can run in metrics mode, which highly improve the performance.

At the same time by using any integration solution provided, such as SkyWalking log plugin or toolkits, SkyWalking provides visualization integration for binding tracing and logging together by using the trace id and span id.

As usual, all services provided by gRPC and HTTP protocol to make integration easier for unsupported ecosystem.

Tracing in OAP

Tracing in OAP has two ways to process.

  1. Traditional way in SkyWalking 5 series. Format tracing data in SkyWalking trace segment and span formats, even for Zipkin data format. The OAP analysis the segments to get metrics, and push the metrics data into the streaming aggregation.
  2. Consider tracing as some kinds of logging only. Just provide save and visualization capabilities for trace.

Also, SkyWalking accepts trace formats from other project, such as Zipkin, Jaeger, OpenCensus. These formats could be processed in the two ways too.

Metrics in OAP

Metrics in OAP is totally new feature in 6 series. Build observability for a distributed system based on metrics of connected nodes. No tracing data is required.

Metrics data are aggregated inside OAP cluster in streaming mode. See about Observability Analysis Language, which provides the easy way to do aggregation and analysis in script style.